How to start reading Books?

Do you go blank when some one talks to you about books or book related topics? At that moment, do you feel like ‘I should also start reading from now on wards’ and then totally forget about it?

Happens most of the time, right? Then why not start it today? 

Want someone to push you? Well, this article will do that job πŸ˜‰.


So here are some points to consider before planning your reading journey.

1.Stop giving excuses

‘I don’t get time to read’, this is a major excuse every person has for not to start reading. Seriously !!! Not even a half an hour in the weekend? Yes, re-think !!

2.Decide yourself

You know yourself better. If you feel reading is of no benefit to you, then no one can help you. You are free to spend your time scrolling your social media feed for hours and hours. So decide yourself whether or not you need a change in your life.

3.Talk to a friend who reads

There will be at least one friend in your circle who really reads. S/he is the one who will give you the first idea regarding what to start with. You can ask for some book recommendations. But remember, at the end, choice should be yours.

4. Read about reading

Now if you have read till here, you know what I actually mean. If something inspires you to start reading or motivates you to read better, you should keep reading such stuffs more and more.

5. Start small

Always start with a small book. That small, which you can finish in one sitting. If you go for a big book out of excitement and cannot finish it within a short period, you are never going to pick your second book.

6. Choose a book of your language

Reading never means it should be an English book. Your first book should be the one which you are comfortable to read and understand throughout.

7. Do not compare

Do not compare yourself with others. When you have decided to start something, go ahead with it. You may find people of your age or even younger ones who read far more than you. Never mind. It’s your journey and you are on the track. Congratulations!!!

Have fun..


Well, these were some of my views on how to begin a reading routine. So which Book do you start with?



19 thoughts on “How to start reading Books?”

  1. Jerry Peri says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great tips!

  2. Yupp sometimes I do go blankπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Maya Bhat says:

      Same here !! πŸ˜€

      1. I am not that much of a book reader. But thanks to my surroundings I must start being one. Else they will kick me out of the society πŸ˜‚

        1. Maya Bhat says:

          I would every person should read atleast one book a month… Never mind what book it is.. It is not necessary that every book will increase our general knowledge.. But atleast it will surely increase our vocabulary.

          1. Very true…And knowledge also…If you want to write something, first you have to be a reader…

  3. TechFlax says:

    Yes i have strted like this only. One of my friends is reading novels so I learned from him to read

    1. Maya Bhat says:

      That’s great !! Nice to know that. πŸ™‚

  4. mohan312 says:

    Right now I am reading mystery series.

      1. mohan312 says:

        Mystery of missing necklace enid blytons

        1. Maya Bhat says:

          Well, i never read any series yet… Wish to read something soon ….!!!

          1. mohan312 says:

            That’s good. You will find it interesting. Read sherlock holmes series.

            1. Maya Bhat says:

              Sure , will do.. will start with that then..

  5. Enni says:

    Right now going with β€˜The Immortals Of Meluha’

    1. Maya Bhat says:

      Wao!! Great.. thats on my tbr.. actually all books of amish tripati is on tbr..πŸ˜‘ god knows when i will read them. my current read is a new book ‘Pinto has an idea’ by Rajeev saxena and ‘It’s all in the planets’ by Preethi Shenoy

      1. Enni says:

        Me too whole series is in my tbr….. and yeah in my tbr list Lirael ( its most amazing book u should try, all about magic) did u see my bucket list – I want a book tree

        1. Maya Bhat says:

          Sure i will read that book. And your bucket list is so interesting πŸ˜‰

          1. Enni says:

            U will get the goosebumps 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

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