Happy to be back with my first Book Review of this year. I picked this book seeing its interesting title and it did not deceive. It was really an entertaining wedding tamasha. I won’t hesitate to admit that I loved this book.


Shweta Menon, a malayali girl escapes from her abusive husband, Raj. Julie, the owner of a Mexican cafe in US gives her refuge and she starts working in Julie’s cafe. Shweta has no idea how to tell her parents about her failed marriage which was just three months old. So she decides to take some time and earn money for her flight ticket so that she can fly back home.

But all her planning goes wrong when she comes to know that her elder brother Simbu’s marriage is fixed and they are expecting her to be there soon. In the meanwhile she also realizes that she forgot to take her passport when she ran away from Raj.

You come to meet many other interesting characters in the story. Shweta’s overbearing father, a typical parent who believes it as a shame when a girl backs off from her marriage. Her supportive siblings, Neha and Simbu who completely understands her situation. Her friend Max who eagerly wants to attend an Indian wedding which he had otherwise seen only in movies. An important highlight, Mr. Niraj Karthik, her childhood friend. And a long list follows.

Book Review

Author: Sudha Nair

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Format: Kindle Edition

Length: 226 Pages

My Review

A very well written entertainer all set around a south Indian wedding. I literally felt the hustle-bustles of a wedding while reading the book. Author Sudha Nair has developed each character very beautifully to match the situation throughout. There was no over drama. It simply looked perfect. Almost every situation was relatable to a typical Indian family.

It is just another story of a broken marriage and finding love again. But still this book is so well penned to keep the reader engaged till the last page. It is a full package of fun, love, care, hate, fear etc.


My Rating ????

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend it to you. Do read and entertain yourself on a relaxing day.

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Sudha Nair

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