When the Author Nivedita Verdula asked me whether I like to read love stories, I got very excited and picked this book as soon as I finished Twice Blessed . Earlier this book was not in my TBRTwo Angels is an eternal love story of Arun and Esha.


Arun’s father used to get transfers from one place to another due to the nature of his job. So being a kid, Arun was never able to make long term friendships in school. When he reached sixth standard, they got shifted to Mumbai. This place marked a turning point in Arun’s life.

Arun met Esha and they became best friends. He got few other friends too but Esha was his favorite. Unfortunately they had to disperse when they completed their school days. But the four years of friendship left a deep mark of relationship in both of their lives.

Did Arun and Esha ever meet again? Obviously yes, but did their relationship remain the same as before? Did they ever have a happy life?

To know the future of Arun and Esha’s story, you need to pick up ‘Two Angels‘ on a free day and give it a read relaxing on your easy chair.


Author: Nivedita Verdula

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Paperback: Rs.199

Kindle: Rs.89 

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My Review

It was all through a Karan Johar movie feel. Some of the situations were too filmy for me to digest. But since love is considered as blind, I do not cut points for that. Esha’s mother was the weakest character in this story. She never had the courage to stand up for her daughter. Whereas I loved Arun’s mother who always understood her son and came up with consoling words whenever he required it the most. In total, it was a beautiful love story with a nice ending.

My Ratings ???

I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars. Do give a read on a relaxed Sunday.

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Review by Maya Bhat

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