Since I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I always go for books that are free on Kindle Unlimited. I wanted to read a crime thriller this month. So I randomly picked ‘Twice Blessed’ by Rani Ramakrishnan and added it to my My December TBR.

Besides being a crime thriller, this book will take you back to your college days, or if you are in college, you could relate to many things in the story. Before I tell you the story line, I have a question for you. Will you ever risk your life and career for your closest friend?

The story revolves around Tamannah, her loving family and her friends. She calls her team of six friends a ‘Gang’. Sanjeev, the singer in the ‘Gang’ insists the other five to join a ten days music course in his music institute. The idea behind was to spend their vacation together and have fun in the name of music class. But to their surprise, Sanjeev himself did not appear for the registration of music course. They went searching for him as he was not picking their calls and what they came across left them in deep shock. Sanjeev has hanged himself to death in his farm house !!!!!!

Police closed the case saying it was a mere suicide and the reason for suicide was left to the imagination of people. Tamannah strongly believed that Sanjeev had no as such reasons to commit suicide. He was a happy person. She decided to find the reason behind Sanjeev’s suicide and get him justice. Finally she understands the dark truth that forced Sanjeev to hang himself. But, was she able to prove her point? Did anyone believe her? Did her friends support her till the end? Did she succeed to get justice for her best friend?

Author: Rani Ramakrishnan

Format: E-Book

Kindle Price: Rs.49 (Free on Kindle unlimited)

Published on 2 Sep 2017

My Review

I would say it was a mild thriller. The Author has penned down a neat story with some simple twists. I was expecting a better climax though. It seemed like a hurry-burry ending.

On the other hand, when we always talk about problems of women, the author has pointed out sufferings of men in her story. She also points out the importance of education, true friendship and family love.

It is a good one-time read thriller. Language used is simple.

My Rating ???

My ratings for this book is 3 out of 5 stars.

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