She relaxed on an easy chair in the sit out and looked towards the greyish clouds on the sky. Her mind was blank. Suddenly it thundered. Something flashed through her blank mind when thunder striked her ears. Before she could figure it out, she felt a tender touch on her shoulders.

“Come inside child, it may rain now.” An old lady said.

She wanted to feel the rain, but she quietly followed the lady. She was blank and even did not know whose house she was staying in. An old couple lived in that house. They were acting like her parents, but she had no memories to recognize them. So she did not address them as parents.

The TV placed at the centre of living room was making some noise. She saw the old man keenly listening to the News. She also took a seat next to him maintaining some distance. The old lady moved towards the dining table which was few steps away from the TV. It seemed like they had a habit of munching evening snacks. The lady was arranging for the same as well as giving an ear to the News that was noising.

The young man inside the TV was talking about a bike accident that happened somewhere, in which, a couple was travelling. He said, the guy was no more and search is still going on for the girl’s body. They assumed that the girl was also dead as the accident took place on a steep rocky area. Again some flashes disturbed her mind strongly, and her head started aching.

The old couple looked little tense after hearing the news and they looked at her. Seeing her feel uneasy, the couple took her inside the room and suggested to take some rest. She felt asleep within five minutes.

They closed the door of the room so that her sleep is not disturbed.

They sighed !!! “Do you think this girl must be a part of that bike accident which we just heard?” Asked the old lady to her man. “I feel so. We found her unconscious almost around that place in the morning. Even otherwise, I was thinking to inform Police by tomorrow.” He replied.

Lady had tears in her eyes. ” Four years back…. we lost our child at the same place …. Somewhere inside, I felt we got her back … I wish she stayed here for few more days….”

He gave her a light hug and said in a low voice “Let us not make things more difficult for her.”

They did the needed and faded away from her memory forever… ?










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