The Secret Wish List was first published in India by Westland Ltd in December 2012.

Author : Preethi Shenoy

Genre : Romance, Fiction

No. of Pages : 255

Amazon Price 

Kindle edition : Rs. 49

Paper back : Rs. 125

The Story Line

Diksha a 35 year old lady lives with Sandeep and Abhay. Sandeep is an insensitive husband whose main priority in life is his work and his personal comfort. Diksha’s 9 year old son Abhay is a clever boy.

Diksha had got married at a very early age of 19. The reason behind her early marriage was, a mistake that she did at the age of 16. Her life took a U-turn from that day. After that incident, her parents changed her school and she was sent to her grandmother’s place for further studies. There she was strictly monitored by her grandmother and Aunt, hence she lived a jailed life. Also her parents soon found a groom and got her married to him as soon as possible.

Now she is married to Sandeep for 15 long years. She spent those 15 years of her life doing house chores, feeding her husband and kid and all those things which suited an ideal house wife. She thought that would make her parents proud and they will forgive her for the mistake she did.

Now there appears her cousin Vibha who finds Diksha’s life so boring. She points out that Diksha has become a mere maidservant and cook to her husband and kid. Vibha says Diksha had forgotten to live her own life.

Now Diksha starts thinking over it and she too feels that she had done nothing in her life other than producing a child. Finally Vibha provokes her to write down her Secret Wish List. As Diksha writes down her wish list, the actual story begins…

The Story takes us to Diksha’s past life as well as shows her present life with Sandeep. As she starts working on her wish list, her life begin to change. The insensitive nature of Sandeep strongly pushes her towards fulfilling her hidden wishes. She gets into a totally new journey of her life without the knowledge of her husband. In that journey, she meets her school friend Tanu and her crush Ankit. She is not sure to call it crush or love when she meets him again.


The language used in the book is very simple that you can easily finish the book in one sitting of 2-3 hours. Once you start, you will move with the flow. It is a very light, one time read book. There are only limited number of characters throughout the story, so you will not get confused anywhere. I would rate this book 3 and half out of 5 stars.

The story had a very nice opening and it flowed smoothly till Diksha met Ankit. After that I felt like things were getting bit over dramatic. Because I feel 15 years is such a long time for a person to get used to certain things in life which cannot be changed all of a sudden. Here it happens. Diksha, as a person suddenly transforms into something else all of a sudden. She gets too much into royal looks and luxuries. Diksha loved a luxurious life and this makes me think why her husband Sandeep used to keep track of every penny she spent. Sandeep is shown as a dark character throughout the story and of course he is, but at some point it makes me think he had apt reasons to behave so. According to me the main reason behind their loveless life was lack of communication. Another thing which confuses me is when Diksha says, she got busy with motherhood soon after her marriage and had no time for herself. Her age is 35 now and Abhay is 9 years old. As per my maths the kid should be at least 14 years of age if she was married at 19. Abhay is obviously an intelligent boy for his age, but I doubt a 9 year old kid is intelligent enough to understand his mother’s love towards Ankit and moreover support it happily evenif he was not happy with his father’s nature. I don’t think a kid at that age could imagine another person in his mother’s life with that ease shown in the story. Such things do affect their life.

This book will surely entertain you for few hours and will make you think over many things in detail.

Few words about the Author


Preethi Shenoy is an Indian author. She has a Masters in Mathematics, but she chose to work with live wire kids instead of lifeless mathematical formulas. She believes, life is the biggest teacher. She is a best selling author and an artist. She is also a blogger, poet, nature lover and yoga buff.

India today calls her “The only woman in the highest selling league.”

The Times of India describes her writing as “Excellent story telling skills.”

You can know more about her on

Review by Maya Bhat ?.

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