Pin drop silence in the hearts (Short story)

It was a Sunday and pin drop silence at the breakfast table. Looked like there was nothing more in this world to talk about. Priya serving dosa and chutney to shravan looked like a programmed function. The expression on Shravan’s mother Padma’s face made the situation even worse. Finally the silence was broken when the door bell rang. Padma got up and moved towards the door.

Namaste Aunty“. An average looking girl greeted her at the door. Padma did not respond back. Instead she gave a sharp look to Shravan and walked back to her breakfast chair leaving the guest unattended.

Shravan looked towards the door getting confused over his mother’s reaction. Neethu was still standing at the door. Now he understood the situation. He got up and went towards her.  He lowered his voice and asked. “Neethu, why did you come here now? I need some time to calm the situation. I told I would call you.”

Neethu replied loudly for everyone to hear, “No Shravan, nothing is going to calm down unless we talk.” She entered the house as she understood no one is willing to welcome her.

On the other side, Padma said “Priya, please clear the table. Let me take my husband to his room.” Saying this she turned the wheel chair of her paralysed husband.

“Wait aunty, I need to say something.” Neethu stopped her.

“Your reaction and insecurity is most understandable Aunty. I see no fault in it. But from my side I would like to make some points clear. My parents must have had their own reasons to get separated. My mother never complained about life while she brought me up as a single mother. She was an independent woman and she also made me one. I never asked her about my father. Nor do I need any favour from him as of now. But she thought it was her duty to tell me about him during her last breath.” Neethu paused for a while. She was polite in her words. No other person voiced at the moment.

She turned towards Shravan. “Dear, you will be always my best friend. That would never change. Feel free to call me if you need any help for YOUR father’s treatment. I will be right here. It was my mother’s last wish that I do my duty towards him.”

She left without waiting for any response. And there was again a pin drop silence in the house.

Or we could say it was a “Pin drop silence in the hearts.”

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