My first crush (Shory story)

8th September 1990

We were returning from school. Sangeetha and Divya were very happy today as they got good marks in History paper. I was not that happy with my marks. Though it doesn’t matter to me, I was sure my mother would create a scene when I show her my red inked answer sheet. Inspite of my upcoming problems, my eyes were searching for him all around πŸ‘€.

Usually I see him waiting for the bus. If not there, he used to be in Raghu Uncle’s Book stall. Today since he was not in the bus stop, I decided to enter the book stall. I checked my pockets. Yes, I had some money in it. So I thought I would buy a note book. After all, there should be some reason to enter the book stall. Also I was sure that the notebook would not go waste as my mother would make me repeat the whole answers again and again once I show her my answer sheet.

I asked Raghu Uncle for the notebook. As he went to take it from the shelf, my eyes rolled around the whole stall. But he was not there 😦. I was heart brokenπŸ’”.

As I turned back to leave the place, he appeared there from nowhere. All of a sudden, he was standing just in front of me. I did not know what to do and how to react 😲.

Β But he smiled at me and said “hello” 😍😍😍😍. It made my day. My joy knew no bounds………😊😊😊😊

That brought a smile on her face when she read her diary today after long 27 years. And she spoke to herself………… “MY FIRST CRUSH”.



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