My first crush (Shory story)

8th September 1990

We were returning from school. Sangeetha and Divya were very happy today as they got good marks in History paper. I was not that happy with my marks. Though it doesn’t matter to me, I was sure my mother would create a scene when I show her my red inked answer sheet. Inspite of my upcoming problems, my eyes were searching for him all around ?.

Usually I see him waiting for the bus. If not there, he used to be in Raghu Uncle’s Book stall. Today since he was not in the bus stop, I decided to enter the book stall. I checked my pockets. Yes, I had some money in it. So I thought I would buy a note book. After all, there should be some reason to enter the book stall. Also I was sure that the notebook would not go waste as my mother would make me repeat the whole answers again and again once I show her my answer sheet.

I asked Raghu Uncle for the notebook. As he went to take it from the shelf, my eyes rolled around the whole stall. But he was not there ?. I was heart broken?.

As I turned back to leave the place, he appeared there from nowhere. All of a sudden, he was standing just in front of me. I did not know what to do and how to react ?.

 But he smiled at me and said “hello” ????. It made my day. My joy knew no bounds………????

That brought a smile on her face when she read her diary today after long 27 years. And she spoke to herself………… “MY FIRST CRUSH”.



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