Title – He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him 

Author- Shikha Kumar

Publisher – Vitasta Publishing (2016)
Genre – Fiction, Hate, Romance thriller

Pages – 292

Amazon Price

Paper back – Rs.140

Kindle – Rs 239.54 (?Strange to find kindle price much higher compared to paper back)

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Story line

Shreya is a 27 year old girl with a high profile job in Delhi and an ever increasing salary package. Her mother Sandhya feels, she is too qualified when it comes to finding a perfect match for her. According to her, men make it an ego issue when a woman earns much higher than them and finding a man who earns more than Shreya was really difficult.

Kunal Kharbandha is a 29 year old guy with a high class family background. He runs his family business in Mumbai. When Kunal’s mother rings to Shreya’s parents putting forward a marriage proposal for their daughter, they consider it as a heaven sent proposal. But when they come to know about Kunal’s first marriage and divorce, they hesitate to move forward for the relation.

Shreya also had a past love story where she got engaged to that guy and later due to some reasons they had a break up. Hence her elder brother Madhav feels that every person should get a second chance. He finds no black mark in Kunal other than his divorce and insists Shreya to give this relationship a try. She agrees.

Shreya and Kunal gets married and now the match begins. The interesting part comes when we get to know that Kunal had some dark reasons to marry Shreya and she had no idea about it. Many more interesting secrets starts getting revealed from the day of their marriage.


The author has used simple language throughout the book. So basically it is an easy read. I would rate 4 out of 5 stars for this work of Shika Kumar. This was her debut novel and she has done all justice to her work ??.

This story takes us through many untold realities of a girl’s life. When Shreya gets married to Kunal, she leaves her high profile job and joins his family business. This makes me think whether it was a good idea to quit a self- earned job for the sake of marrying a rich guy?

Before marriage, Kunal insists Shreya to do a laser operation as he was not comfortable with her specs. Now that should be Shreya’s choice right? And the sad part is, there are still many people in our society who feels that if a girl wears glasses, she is not supposed to get a good match. So my question is, if some one cannot accept you as you are, what can you expect from him as a life partner?

Many such questions will ping your mind as you go through this book. The book will hold you till its last word. You will never get bored at any point.

So do give it a read and enjoy ??

Few words about the author



Shikha is a qualified IT manager doing a full-time corporate job. She writes columns for DailyO (India Today) and on her TOI-blog, Right Nailed. She also does relationship and student counseling.

Do visit http://www.authorshikha.com to know more about this author.

(Review by Maya Bhat)

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