He felt very refreshed as he saw his village from the back seat of the moving jeep. Nothing has changed. Same streets, same shops, same temple, same masjid and the same orthodox people. But those were the reasons for him to fall in love with his village again and again. Though he enjoyed city life, he missed his village to the core. Many random memories waved through his mind as the cool breeze of air mildly hit his face.

Without making any noise, he opened the gate of his house, after all it was a surprise visit. He wanted to cherish that moment, capture the precious expressions of his family members. After making sure that there were no one in the garden, he moved towards the door bell. He belled twice. Nobody responded. To his surprise, the door was slightly open. He felt little puzzled to see no one around and the door left open. He entered the living room and saw something really amazing ?.

The living room which was once occupied with 4 wooden chairs, a ten year old television with never ending complaints and his mother’s handwork hanging on the wall, is now seen with a beautiful sofa set, a home theatre and a lovely family picture framed on the wall. The whole interior is painted with mild blue colour which added to brightness of the house. Mesmerized at the view, he moved inside. Bedrooms, which had only mattresses earlier, is now well furnished with beautifully designed wooden beds. He could not believe his eyes. Did they win any lottery??.

He gave a loud call to his mother ?️. But did not get any reply. Expecting her in the kitchen, he moved forward. Now the settings in kitchen was yet more fantastic. It was equipped with every single thing that his mother used to wish for. He was overwhelmed with joy seeing his dream house. ?

But where did all go ? ? He wanted to  surprise them, but as of now he was the surprised soul. He badly wanted to see his parents and his younger sister. He took out his phone and ringed his mother to know where they are.

Huh ??? ? It rang inside the house.  He looked around to find it. But he could not figure it out. It rang louder. It rang very close to his ear. Even more louder…… Suddenly some one shook him from behind…

” Hey, this is the last stop. Get down”. ??

He woke up from his dream. His phone was loudly ringing. ? And interestingly it was his mother calling ?. He did not reply the call.

He got down from the jeep and realised, he had missed his place which was two stops behind. He collected the luggage and started walking towards his home. ???…. Thinking “will my dream ever come true????”






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