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Behind the coconut tree 🌴 (Short story)

Every evening she used to take her little one to that park.

“Rithu, mamma knows where you are.” As usual she pretended to search him here and there and then moved towards that coconut tree. That was his regular hiding place. He never got bored of hiding behind that particular tree and enjoyed when his mamma caught him after her ‘searching drama’.

But that day Sheethal did not find him there 😳. She looked around. Within a blink of eye, she missed to figure out where her child disappeared 😦.

There were many people in that park. A group of kids were playing nearby. She doubted whether he ran towards them to join. But no. She even asked a man who passed through whether he saw her 2 and half year old boy. He said no.

Within two minutes she felt as if she was losing control over herself. Many fearful thoughts went through her mind.

Tears were about to burst out from her eyes 😒, that suddenly she heard his soft giggle from behind a bench.

It was just a sign that her kid was growing. But that took her breath away for few seconds..

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