Announcements for 2018

Before making the announcements I would love to say a few words about my 2017. I had an awesome 2017 which gifted me a wide ray of hope to look forward in 2018. And all the credit goes to ‘Snapshot’.

When I started writing, I understood the importance of reading more and more. Hence I picked some simple books. As and when I read them, I thanked the authors with reviews. So now I have a reading target to set for 2018 unlike earlier years.

I was unaware of blogging world and the opportunities bloggers have in the present time till a year ago. This blog gave me so many ideas and knowledge about the same. Again a big thanks to 2017.

Here goes the Announcements:

  • I have a friend who cooks very delicious food and always surprises us with her culinary skills. She is a full-time mother of two cute kids. I have been suggesting her to start a blog and share her recipes with us. She says, as of now she may not get ample time to do blogging stuffs, may be in future she will think of it. Then one day I had an idea why not invite her on my blog to do guest posts. And she happily accepted my invitation. So here onwards occassionally you will get guest posts by my college friend Hashira Hakeem. I hope you will welcome her simple and delicious recipes with great love.


  • SNAPSHOT is now open for guest posts. Both bloggers and non bloggers are welcome to showcase their talent on my blog. I won’t be paying anything for guest posts. If you wish to get a return guest post, I will be very happy to do it for you.

So, thats all guys…. I wish you a very happy year ahead… Let all your dreams come true in 2018.



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  1. Yeah 2017 was a good year for me. I became a blogger as well as a Youtuber. But I lost my grandpa. Otherwise it would have been a best year for me. Happy 2018.Sorry for being late to wish you Maya.

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