As we know, almost all Chetan Bhagat books are now movies. So I decided to do a book vs movie review for the first time.

Alert : This post may have some spoilers.

Story outline

Madhav Jha is a Bihari boy who has problem in speaking English. He gets admission in St.Stephen’s college at Delhi through sports quota. Riya Somani also gets admission in same college. She is from Delhi and speaks good English. Both Madhav and Riya play basket  ball. Madhav falls in love with Riya at first sight. When Riya gets to know about Madhav’s feelings for her, she says she can only be his half girlfriend. Destiny gives them another chance but Riya moves away leaving a letter for Madhav. What did she mention in her letter? Did she love him? Will she become his full girlfriend?

Book Vs Movie

  • In the book, Madhav comes to Chetan Bhagat with Riya’s personal diary (which he calls journals) and says he do not need them, Chetan Bhagat can use them or throw away ?. Madhav believes that Riya is dead. Whereas in the movie, there is no Chetan Bhagat and no such journal? .


  • Now Chetan Bhagat after reading the journal discovers that Riya is alive and informs Madhav. But in the movie, Madhav assumes her to be alive and moves to New York in her search. (Because there is no Chetan Bhagat to tell him ?)


  • In the movie, Riya’s family problems are shown as her parents’ frequent fights and that is why she is a quiet girl and feels lonely in life. But in the book it is something else. She was sexually abused by her father when she was a child and that is what made her silent.


  • Since the book speaks about a sexual abuse during childhood, it makes sense why she felt uncomfortable when Madhav tried to get closer. But in the movie, she herself kisses him on one hand and on the other hand she says ” I can be your half girl friend ” which is really stupid. And no one asks her what did she mean by half girl friend.

Many more things goes on the list. To an extent it is understood that for a two and half hours movie, certain things need to be cut down. But to be frank, for me this movie was nothing more than a collection of songs. I truly regret watching the movie. It looked like a half-baked cake.

Book was really good and I rated it 4/5 whereas the movie simply destroyed the charm of the book.

some thoughts

We Indians are very rich with around 122 major languages and 1599 other languages (Wikipedia). But still people have an obsession with English language. English should be considered as just another language. Knowing any language is a great thing. But feeling low because of not knowing or being uncomfortable with some language should no more make any sense. That thought need to be changed. We need proud Madhavs ?.






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